About KwikMoves

KwikMoves Limited is a reputable private real estate development company in Abuja.

We have high levels of experience and capabilities to support our corporate aspiration of delivering modern day clean living space, at affordable prices.

KwikMoves is managed by reputable businessmen, credible employees with years of experience and expertise to make sure our high standards of operation and efficiency is sustainable.

Our Team

Olamide Adekogbe


Uyi Ogbebor


Osahan Olotu


Why Choose Us

Our goal is to bring integrity into the method of property sales and marketing in Nigeria by creating a modern but yet simple to operate property search platform.

This platform provides access to desired properties in quick time and abiding by the highest code of practice. We offer the following services:

Our Services

Property Renovation

Land Survey

Real Estate Development

Property Management




We only work with the best companies around the globe